Traveler’s Cam Pro v1.021 (Paid) APK [Latest]

Traveler's Cam Pro

Traveler’s Cam Pro

Traveler’s Cam Pro offers more than a Professional Camera Application. You can use Weather Forecast, ruler, color detector to detect any flower’s or any objects color with RGB, name and HEX values. Measure approximate distance using an object’s width or height as reference.
You can attacth text on your image, or save them as records and take XLS files.

Traveler’s Cam Pro is a professional camera app with manual controls like DSLR camera that combines theodilete, dioptra, charts, excel files, virtual ruler, weather forecast, color detector, distance meter, and photo notebook.


General Features
• Zoom in/out using pinch gesture.
• Different reticle and font color styles
• Selectible IMAGE RESOLUTIONS varying from 4096x2160px to 640x480px
• Add live notes to image on preview
• Weather Forecast with it’s own section and icon and temperature display on camera preview
• Ruler

Photography Features
• Adjustable photography feature at live camera preview
• Focus control settings
• Scene settings
• Exposure Compensation
• White balance
• Color Effect settings
• ISO settings
• Light metering settings

Measuremet Features
• Measure laser level
• Measure angle between three points
• Approximate measure to an object by setting it’s width or height
• DETECT COLOR RGB, HSV, HEX values and names using camera
• Capture images, record them adding your personal notes, and get MS Excel file from DiopThrace folder inside your device.
• Visualize your measurements using bar or line charts.

• Google Map support
• Adding notes on map, or adding landmarks to be displayed on your screen with distance and direction
• Synchronizing your location with your friends to display direction and distance info relative to you.
• Messaging with your friends to make it a real team navigation and exploration trip.

– Open camera menu from bottom right to open image capturing selections or press for 3 seconds to this button to quickly capture image
– Select capture plain to only capture image, not reticle or any other info.
– Swipe right to open navigation menu
– Use pinch gesture to zoom in/out
– Use color detector from camera menu(bottom right) to detect the color your indicator directing at

IMPORTANT: If you find a bug using the application, PLEASE, write to [email protected] with your phone model name and the description of the problem, before writing a negative comment. We care for your satisfaction, and will fix the issue as soon as possible.

Support this app by going PRO to help us adding new features
Thanks for using our app.


This update
-Google maps(This is a prototype not FINAL PRODUCT)
-Photography view improvements(AE-L, AF-L, AW-L settings to set various locks) indicators
-Self-Timer Shots
– Captured image preview
Next update
Google Map improvements(Display near places, measure distance, area from map, add geofences to trigger when you enter or exit an area)
Augmented reality on camera(Display markers on camera that was set on map)
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Traveler’s Cam Pro v1.021 (Paid) APK / Mirror

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